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Glass Filter Funnels

The most common Filter funnel manufactured at SLA is the S-1956.  Many other sizes are available upon request, such as the 70 and 90mm ID.  These sizes are popular because Filter paper is readily available in these sizes.

The S-1966 is similar to the S-1956 except it has a ground glass joint with a drip tube and vacuum connection on the bottom.

The S-1967A Vacuum filter assembly is available in two styles.  The standard Fritted glass base and the Stainless steel removable screen. 

All of the fritted funnels are made with extra coarse, coarse, medium or fine frits.  Some Buchner funnels such as the S-1954 are manufactured with a perforated plate, the size holes in the perforated plate can vary depending on the need.

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