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The most common Distilling column used in the labs today is the Vigreux column.  It is simple and very effective.  Column indentions retard the upward flow of vapors, promoting condensation and subsequent washing of the vapors to remove heavier fractions. The Vigreux column like most Distilling columns can be Vacuum jacketed to enhance the Distilling process.


The Snyder column is another Distilling column that is very effective in the standard distillation process.  The column consists of sections in which there is a Floating Ball Valve. Rising vapors lift valves allowing condensate to flow down; at the same time condensate washes vapors of heavier fractions, the standard number of sections is 3, 6, 9, or 12, but can be fabricated to meet a specific need.


The Honeycomb column is designed to support column packing, the packing may be removed for cleaning or replaced with another type of packing.  This type of column is often used for Pilot plant simulation. 


The Oldershaw column is our most efficient Distilling column.  The column consists of a series of perforated plates with a drain which directs the condensed distillate to the opposite side of the next lower plate and a weir in each plate to maintain a uniform liquid level.  Rising vapors pass through the perforations to form uniform bubbles in the liquid that flows across each plate.  The Oldershaw column can be jacketed and silvered if needed.

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S-1590 Distilling Column - Vacuum Jacketed - Silvered

S-1592 Distilling Column - Vacuum Jacketed - Silvered

S-1594 Distilling Column Packing - Helices

S-1595 Distillation Column Packing

S-1598 Distilling Condenser

S-1599 Distilling Condenser - Vacuum Jacketed

S-1600 Distilling Head - Automatic Liquid Dividing

S-1614 Distilling Head

S-1626 Distilling Head
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