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Glass Condensers

Southeastern Lab Apparatus manufactures five basic types of condensers.  The Liebig style condenser, like S-1366 has a straight tube within the water jacket that allows the vapors to move rapidly through the cooling area.  The Graham Condenser such as S-1382 and S-1384 has coils on the inside of the jacket and the coolant may pass through the coils or around the coils depending on the style of the condenser.  The Friedrich condenser S-1400 has a specially formed spiral inner tube providing a long vapor path, ensuring good heat transfer and anti-flooding characteristics.  The Allihn condenser, S-1374, has a series of bulbs blown within the water jacket.  The Coil style Reflux condenser, S-1408A and S-1408B with tightly wrapped coils provides maximum cooling; excellent for use with high vapor pressure solvents.  These are the basic condensers, however, SLA manufactures all types of special condensers.

Sub Categories  

S-1049 - Condenser - Reflux - Compact

S-1385 Condenser - Flow Indicator

S-1408A Condenser - Reflux - Coil

S-1408B Condenser - Reflux - Coil

S-1410 Condenser - Reflux


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